Welcome to the Beautiful South!

Firstly apologies for the delay in posting this blog but I seem to have hit the ground running which has not been helped by the inevitable jet lag which is further amplified by travelling west to east. It’s generally advised to allow one day per hour of time difference to fully recover from jet lag (UK to Perth 8 hours) but will have to make do with keeping hydrated (water of course), plenty of fresh air, meeting kindred spirits and gentle exercise -all of which I’ve managed to achieve so far.

Was privileged to meet up with Dr Al Power for tea, cake and a stroll around Perth city centre. Dr Power is a Geriatrician, Certified Eden Alternative Educator and Board Director and international educator on transformational models of care for older adults, particularly those living with changing cognitive abilities. He is also one of the key speakers at the International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International taking place from the 15th- 18th April in Perth. He spoke about the importance of supporting ways to enhance a person’s well-being – connectedness being one of 7 domains he identifies in this model. Enhancing well-being supports an approach which focuses on the person’s strengths and assets, moving away from the more familiar negative, deficit-based, bio-medicalised model.

I look forward to hearing more about the practical application of this model of well-being at Dr Al Power’s plenary session at the conference on Thursday. Can also thoroughly recommend his book ‘Dementia Beyond Disease’- Enhancing Well-being. Hopefully will also get the opportunity to meet up again on my second leg of this fellowship when I travel to the USA.

The weather has been very warm with just a few showers (thankfully downpours have mainly been overnight) but this has not got in the way of being able to take gentle walks through the beautiful nature here, providing meaningful opportunities for reflection on the intention of my fellowship.

Thanks for the photos Al.

Tea at Dome Westralia

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