Take me to the River

Hosing down boats after a good workout.
Hosing down boats after a good workout.
Evening paddle.
Evening paddle.

image image

Launch site - Freshwater Bay at Peppermint Grove
Launch site – Freshwater Bay at Peppermint Grove

One more day to go before the International conference of the ADI opens and so excited! The programme looks amazing and so many people I want to meet up with and sessions to link in with. Tidying up my presentation for Friday and looking forward to this opportunity although also a little apprehensive.

Managed to fit in some kayaking on the vast Swan river with an expert guide Dave Stevens  from Western Paddle Sports, culminating in a wonderful early evening paddle along to East Fremantle taking in the wonderful sights including eastern osprey, little pied cormorants and pelicans. Hopefully will also get the opportunity to return for the next 2 Tuesday evenings before flying back home. Looking forward to applying my newly acquired skills and confidence to get out in my kayak round the Black Isle when I get back.

Redback spider spotted in the Mail box today but tucked itself away in a hidey hole before I got the chance to see it- remind myself not to volunteer to collect post!

2 thoughts on “Take me to the River

  1. I’m really enjoying following your adventures Ruth ( and not jealous at all -??!) Hope the conference is inspiring and that all goes well with your presentation – keep the Scottish flag flying!
    Look after yourself

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  2. Hi Ruth Just retuning from our monthly meeting and catching up on your blogs. Thoroughly enjoying same keep them coming. Sorry I haven’t sent the map will try and send it tonight. Go fly our flag speak soon Janice

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