Inclusion: it’s that simple!

Spot on!

I received this article via an untraceable Avatar on the contact form of my blog, and am sharing it, as I feel it is worthy  of public expression. To enhance the blog, I have added the Dementia Alliance International mantra, which we use as an image. Whoever, you are, thank you for having some light bulb moments!!!

See the person not the dementia

By ‘the listener’

I, along with 1100 other delegates from around the world attended the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Perth, Australia. I was really pleased to see the conference being led by delegates who have a connection to dementia, in fact we were told there were approximately 80 people in attendance who had a diagnosis of dementia.

As I was listening to the many keynote speakers, I was most inspired by the powerful presentations by Edie Mayhew (and Anne Tudor, her partner), Helga Rohra and Kate Swaffer – all people who have been…

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