Is ‘diagnosed with dementia’ the new ‘in’ group?

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The road to a confirmed diagnosis of one or other type of dementia is usually a difficult one, and one that research says can take at least three years for people under the age of 65. In very basic terms, being confirmed with dementia means at least two of the symptoms of dementia get in the way of daily living.

As patients, it seems, the inaccuracies, the misdiagnoses, the lack of a confirmed diagnosis, and the overall management and care comes down to faith! When I looked for an image for the word confirmed, it came up with a religious one! So, perhaps it really is, from our perspective, all about faith.

Dr Shibley Rahman wrote a blog about Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) recently, in part as a response to Ken Clasper’s blog Rediagnosis from one dementia to MCI about his diagnosis being changed.  I imagine…

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