Awareness at any cost?

backwardsIn no way do I actually wish to promote this video released recently by the Alzheimer’s Society in Canada as part of their Dementia Friends Canada program, but, I do have to say something about it.

Firstly, it is thrilling they or anyone wishes to work with the Dementia Friends campaign, started in the UK, and made available to all countries by the Alzheimer’s Society UK CEO Jeremy Hughes at the ADI215 conference in Perth.

But really, whoever made and approved that video needs to think about the possible damage they are doing to the rights and advocacy of people with dementia vs the possible value of awareness at any cost.

The video, in my humble opinion, takes us back in our advocacy work 30+ years.

It increases the stigma, exacerbates the myths, and completely stereotypes us by ONLY highlighting our deficits, and not even suggesting we still have many abilities, at…

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One thought on “Awareness at any cost?

  1. Found the DVD quite negative in it’s portrayal of people with dementia, would be interested in how they facilitate their DF sessions and what materials they use.

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