Mom’s gone to Iceland…….

I can’t quite believe how quickly time has flown since I was over in Australia for the first part of my Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travel fellowship. Today I start on the 2nd leg of my journey and I am heading off to the USA via Iceland. Sadly I only get a couple of hours inside Reykjavik airport but hopefully can return another time. I am travelling by train from Inverness to Glasgow and it’s a particularly beautiful and atmospheric morning with low mist swirling around the trees and moorland with the sun trying it’s hardest to shine through.

For once I am thankful that my sons are very early risers and that we are able to say our goodbyes this morning. And as of before, none of this would be possible without the support of my wonderful husband Neil who will be holding the fort at home whilst I’m away- ¬†thank-you and I will miss you all x Once again a huge thanks to the Winston Churchill Memorial trust for their generosity and belief in my project and to NHS Highland for their continued support. I would encourage you all to consider applying for the WCMT travel fellowship and there’s still time to apply for next years travel fellowships as the closing date is September 22nd 5pm –¬†

The last few weeks have been busier and more chaotic than usual (if that were possible) to ensure that all loose ends are tidied away although it’s fair to say that there are still a few tangles which will hopefully be resolved from afar. Whilst my days will be full I am hoping that my evenings will offer the opportunity to reflect on my experiences in the USA and also try to keep up-to- date with my work/ emails back at home!

I will be visiting in this order, Seattle, San Francisco region, New York and Rochester (NY). The west coast is 8 hours behind the UK so I will arrive at Sea-Tac airport at 2.00 am UK time. The first meeting I have is on the following day at 11am in downtown Seattle so hoping I won’t be too affected by jet-lag. I will be meeting the wonderful Marigrace Becker who has been a great help in helping to facilitate my first week in the USA then off to help out at a foodbank in the afternoon and work alongside volunteers who live with dementia.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my attempts at a blog and I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Internet connections permitting I hope to update this blog on a regular basis during the week but not sure how practical this will be on my downtime during the weekends which’ll hopefully be spent outdoors and if all goes well sea-kayaking:)

Sunny wishes (thanks Chrissie:)

Ruth x






















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