Guest blog by Damian Murphy

Which me am I today?

Today I’ve invited Damian Murphy to write a blog – well it gives me a day off …………😊

Damian helps run our dementia forum in York with Emily Abbott – ‘Minds and Voices’. He spoke to me recently about the seeds of an idea for a blog on ‘Challenging behaviour by carers or loved ones of people with dementia’……..We often read about ‘Challenging behaviour’ displayed by people with dementia, well Damian’s blog has turned the tables and looks at it from the view of those with dementia and the challenges we may experience from the behaviour of loved ones………a very interesting perspective rarely written about……..

One sided or Lob sided – Dementia care is still way off balance.

From over 15 years of time spent observing families and couples interact; from what people with dementia have told me about their needs and questions, feelings and fears around the time of…

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