The final day of Dementia Awareness Month, #DAM2015 Day 30

Fabulous news Kate x

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Phew!!! It is almost over! I have been blogging twice a day for the whole of World Alzheimer’s Month / Dementia Awareness Month, #DAM2015, and am feeling vaguely jaded… I wonder why?! To say it has been a slog, is an understatement, and I have not been that well either, so it has definitely taken its toll. In fact, it is quite likely I will be quiet for at least a few days, as I have some very important things on my ‘To do list’, and also need to get well to do them.  But, to end this month of awareness raising, I wanted to end with a personal high.

I am proud to report that I was the winner of the Bethanie Education Medallion award, runner-up in the University of Wollongong, 2015 Alumni Award, Social Impact Category, the winner of the University of Wollongong, Community Engagement Award, a finalist in the Dignity Australia Achievement…

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